Dental Office Construction

If you're seeking a construction company that knows how to build dental and orthodontic offices, look no further than Savage Construction. Unlike many business offices, your dental office requires specific equipment, including tools to do your job and amenities to serve your patients. With our experience, we know how to get the supplies dentists and orthodontists need in their office space, while also creating a welcoming, soothing environment. 

From Front To Back. 

Just as your patients are encouraged to brush and floss carefully, our job is to examine each facet of your dental office, finding areas for improvement and greater focus. From the front desk to the hygienist's chair, each part of your office is an experience for your patient that we can help improve. 

Healthy Building, Healthy Practice. 

At Savage Construction, we serve as a liaison between your new office and the vendors who will provide your equipment. We follow the regulations and codes necessary, making your new building a healthy place for patients and employees alike. 

Smile: It's Your New Office. 

Building a new construction dental office allows you to create the exact space you envision for your career. You have worked hard to get to this point; let us handle the logistics and construction that will help take you even further. 


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