Residential Additions

Life can take many unexpected turns, and we need our homes to adapt to our lifestyle changes. From a growing family to a shift in your priorities, an addition to your house can provide the peace of mind you need. Extra room in your home allows for more memories, space, and happiness in the years ahead. 

Up, Down, Around?

At Savage Construction, we are here to give your home addition what it needs: direction. Our experience can both shape your project, and – quite literally –  tell you which direction to go. Whether you're adding an upstairs, building on a guest wing, or welcoming a new nursery, we can give you the direction you didn't know was possible, providing out-of-the-box ideas for your expansion. We work with the best architects and materials to ensure your addition is of the highest quality. 

An Addition And An Investment.

Adding onto your home not only creates a more livable space for you, but it also can increase the overall value of your home. Another bedroom or bathroom, for instance, can significantly raise your home's worth and attract future buyers. Savage Construction takes a careful approach to planning and building, giving you a space that will lead to a greater profit down the road. 

The Finishing Touch.

From start to finish, Savage Construction will give your home's new addition a polished look, seamlessly connecting with the look and feel of your current home. We ensure that our clients homes are safe and stylish, overseeing every aspect of the addition process. 


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